Hi, my name is Eva

//  and I am a Graphic Designer  &  Retoucher

I am a detail-oriented person

who would rather take their time over the project and get it right, than rush the job.
Cooperation with my clients lets me build long-term relationships, based on tremendous trust and I value that very much.

For a few years, I have been involved with photography, as well as commercial and non-commercial retouching. During that time, I have also designed and created many professional websites built on WordPress.

For many years I have been creating a lot of FMCG catalogues, leaflets, business cards, brochures, advertising materials, rollups, etc for companies around the world.

But my biggest passion is retouching photos, adding my favourite kind of magic to every single one.



Based in the heart of England, I am a full-service photo retouching provider.
For over 10 years – based on the given guidelines and listening to the needs of my clients – I have been providing highest-quality graphic solutions.

I provide photo editing services and I am ready to handle all your needs in automotive, fashion, portrait, wedding, newborn, landscape, real estate, eCommerce photography.

Are you in need of a professional photo retouching for your business?



London // United Kingdom +44 798 45 84 032
Wroclaw // Poland +48 600 31 08 31

e-mail: photo@retouched.eu

What is the price?

Rates are based on the time I am gonna spend and this is a unique answer for each person/client.

Send me your pictures and I will give you the final price.

How long will it take to get my photos back?

Depends on the picture, from 24 hours up to 7 days.

What kind of things can I have done to my photos?

It’s up to you. ( for example: lightly cleaning up skin, adjusting or slimming a body, adding colors and curves to make the image look sharper, brighter or more colorful, cleaning up a background or floor). Just have a look around on the website and you’ll get the answer.

Do you use Instagram?

Yes, @thatretouchinggirl

Are you gonna use my pictures on your website/social media?

No. You will get 100% privacy and assurance.